Sunday, 30 May 2010

Change on the banks of the Burnieshed Burn

Something went awry with my first efforts with this post. The first photograph disappeared as well as the text that should have gone with it. 

Here, however, is a photo of the third dam down on the Burnieshed Burn with Noƫ Favre, a Swiss exchange student, who is studying geography at Dundee University. I should say 'was' because he returns to Switzerland in June.

The dam continues to grow.

In that same pond is a felled sycamore. You will notice that the bark has been stripped from the trunk. 

And not far away is a single Norway spruce. This has been subjected to some stripping of its bark. The loss of shade that has resulted from the beavers' activities and the odd loss of a tree through wind blow has resulted in a dramatic surge of natural regeneration of birch.

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