Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Destructive Capability of Beavers...Unbelievable

I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK 
I've seen damage done by beavers in the past but this is the worst!!
 Beavers, left unattended, can clear a forest in no time..... 

This legend accompanied the above photograph that Aileen sent me. A friend of her father, Jim Broun, had sent it to him and he forwarded it on to Aileen. I expect it will get this blog identified as one that deals with 'adult' subjects.

Well, there you go! I thought this was a most entertaining photograph. I wonder where the event it depicts took place. I must say that I would not like to go a wooding with no clothes on: least of all when wielding a chain saw. Still, the picture is very lovely.

And now for something quite different! This and the photo below are of a couple of new dams. One, it is true, was begun last year, but left. With the onset of spring the beavers have come back to this work and have added to the dam begun last year and built this new one. It is, of course, work in progress.

As a matter of fact, this is the new one.

A little upstream this tributary ditch has a couple of tentative little plugs. Here 

and here.

I took a look at the dead trees on and behind the barrage that closes the big pond or lochan this morning. I wondered if any more had fallen during the windy weather last week.

Several have. Three stems have broken along the barrage now and some more in the ground below the barrage. More light is coming in and willow and birch are making a come back.

The swamp behind the barrage.



  1. I hope that this post will help lead porn enthusiasts away from their self-regarding pursuits and towards a deeper appreciation of the beauty of nature and of conservation ecology, as it did for me.

  2. At least they're wearing boots but I can't imagine they'd be very comfortable working in Sitka Spruce.

    It should add a whole new viewer dimension to your blog.

  3. There was a brief peak in viewing number and then decline as disappointment grew.

  4. I agree that working naked in Sitka spruce must be extremely uncomfortable.