Thursday, 16 June 2011

Wildlife along the Bamff Drive

The sequences of film in Springwatch that showed beavers cutting trees and swimming down canals of their own digging made me think it was time to put out my own trail camera, so I did: and this is what I found on the memory card after a week.

Someone with a sieve. Was she looking for tadpoles?

A young roe doe going for a drink.

Wild boarlets, having passed through the stock mesh that detains their parents, on the rake.

And wild boys.

Where were the beavers? By mistake I had not set the machine to work at night.

Rich brown waters - there was heavy rain yesterday evening and the beavers have been active, clarting the dam with mud.

This is the lower of this pair of dams. 

Up a nearby ditch there is another beginning.

This mud sculpture was very pleasing.

This time a roe buck goes for a drink.


  1. Is HCO Scoutgard the camera name? I want to put up infrared motion sensor cameras for the same purpose. Most are labeled for hunters, which is offensive. Can't really find any designed solely for admiring wildlife.

  2. Sorry not to have replied before. HCO Scoutguard is indeed the camera's name.

    Whether designed for hunters or not they do the same job, I think. Try Bushnell - they made the cameras that were used in recent Springwatch programs, so I read.