Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Morning after the Storm

The night before last 25 mm of rain fell. Yesterday the wind blew, the Forth and Tay road bridges were closed and Edinburgh Airport shut down. I am glad to say that the dams in the Burnieshed Burn did not collapse.

The second big dam below the drive.

Much of the grass here has been grazed by the beavers.

I find it odd that the beavers are still eating bark. Perhaps the bulk of the bark balances the nutritive value of the young grass they are consuming?

The lowest of the big three dams below the drive is abundantly green: a true filtre.

 Two channels of water gush through the lower part of this dam. Do fish use them to swim up and down the burn?

A young willow has found a place to grow on the wall of the dam.

The pool above the dam.

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