Sunday, 20 March 2011

Spring comes - learn your plants again!

I meant to post this photo this morning, but forgot. The picture shows the outlet of the Big Pond. It is fenced around with stock netting and there is a piece of concrete reinforcing mesh to guard the main outlet. I have always been worried that this might be a place through which beavers might try to escape, but I have never seen any signs of it. On the contrary, today I noticed that they have been damming the outlet at one end.

Water Forget-me-not, some grass and water cress are beginning to grow. How the beavers must be relieved to become aware of the return of Spring! The new growth is very dense and tight. Looking at it I was uncertain about identification.

Was a beaver responsible for this?

This looks more like water forget-me-not, or was I looking at speedwell?

Grey alder in the developing wetland. A wet strype runs through the woodland from the little pond to the bigger one downstream.

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