Monday, 14 March 2011

Visit to the Wet Wood

Louise Ramsay09 March 11:47
The Writing on the Wood

I admire the graphic way you chop trees
to pencil points
and the ogham of your toothmarks
on fallen trunks. I note
the hieroglyphic of your foot printed
in soft mud by the pool.

Your dam is an alphabet of shapes
While runes, stripped white,
tell the story of your last meal.

Trout draw concentric circles
in the water’s glossy surface.
and a dipper dips
like pen into ink.

This landscape has beaver written all over it.

A front paw mark in the mud.

The eighty metre dam wanders about a bit. Here is a rather more than ninety degree turn.

This is the fifty metre dam. The high water levels of the winter have dropped somewhat to reveal the structure. In the   foreground you can see the fence straining post that has figure on this blog so often.

Hard to make out, but this dam runs for around eighty metres.

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