Friday, 30 July 2010

Muddy Waters

We went to the Big Tent event at Falkland last Saturday, 24th July, and Gilbert passed the stall where 'Scotland Outdoors' Magazine was selling its wares. Immediately, he took issue with the title of an article they had published about the return of the beaver to Scotland that emphasised dispute and discord. 'Muddy Waters' was the title of the article and what less suitable title could there be for a piece about the beaver.

Here are some photographs that demonstrate the clarity of water in our burn at this time of year.

And here are a couple I took last November.

Of course beavers create turbulence among the sediments that their dams filter out of the water when they are working on the dam, or dredging canals, but as a rule they are clarifiers of water rather than muddiers. 

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