Monday, 5 July 2010

The End of the Drought?

The drought that has lasted more or less from the end of March ended on Friday, I think. What is certain is that a lot of rain fell on Sunday, 4th July, particularly in the morning.

Here are some photographs to show the revived water levels in the Burnieshed Burn.

You can compare this photograph of the slide or overflow with the one I posted last week.

The little waterfall overflow is running again.
Looking upstream towards the top dam below the drive you can see how the burn has filled up again.

And here we are looking downstream. Note the beaver lawn in the foreground.

The swamp below the second dam below the drive has recovered too.
The spring barley in the field has eared. It has probably been like that for some days, but I paid attention to it properly only this morning, as the wind shook it.


  1. Hi Paul, I would be interested in hearing the comments of the RSFS members who visited - have you any recollections of your conversations?

    Your observations on the GWCT tent were well made!


  2. I cannot remember much of the comments, but I think that people were very much interested and seemed cheerful about the whole beaver thing.

    It was also encouraging to have approval for other aspects of my woodland management/conservation.