Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Cloudburst - Flashflood

Heavy rain fell last night and by half past six this morning the Big Pond was full to overflowing. The photo below shows water running over the barrage. Radio Scotland was full of accounts of blocked roads.

By 11.30  the rain had eased and the flood had subsided, as the picture below shows, but not soon enough to save Aileen's cellar from being flooded.

The pools along the Burnieshed Burn were full again, as you can see from this photograph.

Despite the downpour of the night none had burst.

The gnawed sycamore tree in the middle ground has the water lapping almost as far as the gnaw marks. Compare this with the photograph that I took on the 5th July, soon after the drought had ended.

This shows the middle dam with the water gushing over it.

We are beginning to see kits. I saw one in the top pool next to the drive on Monday evening and Chris Potter saw one in the Big Pond yesterday evening.

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