Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sturm und Drang

On my way back from Forfar yesterday, I stopped at the Bridge over the River Isla at Airlie. It was in full spate and made a magnificent sight. Unfortunately, I had only my little compact digital camera with me.

Earlier I had walked along the burn after feeding the wild boar.

This birch tree came down on Friday night. Throughout the summer it supported the trunk of a sycamore that had been cut, but had snagged on it.

It had worried me that, with the sycamore resting against the top of the birch, it might fall in an unexpected way and kill the beaver that cut it. However, in the absence of a dead beaver, it seems likely that all went well

There is that felled tree again. It is lying behind the partly stripped trunk of another felled birch. To the right of the newly cut birch is the remaining trunk of the sycamore, whose other stem beavers cut last Spring.

I read somewhere that trees cut by beavers seldom snag on other trees. I must have misread this statement: in any case this is not my experience here.

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