Saturday, 7 November 2009

Nothing Much Doing

One morning recently, I came across the Morgans. They were out for a walk with their little dog, Mo. After calling off little Mo, who had presented herself to me in a most affectionate way, and explaining that she was in season, Morgan told me that my blog lacked zing. He liked it when I was in ranting mode, but felt that photographs of rushing water and autumnal landscapes were not sufficiently exciting.

What could I say? For the moment nothing very exciting is happening. The flood waters are receding. This photograph shows the Isla at Isla Bridge, just before the confluence with the River Tay, a place where I have landed after a canoeing journey a number of times in the past. I like to go there from time to time to consider the water level, particularly after a flood. When I took the photograph the waters were still fairly high.

According to Hamish Moir, who works at the Macalulay Land Use Research Institute in Aberdeen, the Isla has a particularly rapid rise and fall in time of flood.

Having said that nothing is happening that is to ignore the fact that the beavers are very occupied with their preparations for winter.

Besides, although things seem quiet to me, there is an outside world.

Has Roger Wheater set up his committee to consider the impacts that beaver might have on salmon in Scotland? It seems that the salmon people are particularly twitchy at the moment because this past fishing season has been notably poor.

How is the Trial Release of beavers going in Knapdale?

Is it true that Allan Bantick of the Scottish Wildlife Trust has called for the release of lynx into the wild?

I must find out about these things

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