Friday, 13 November 2009

The Second Lowest Dam (as it is now)

Here is the lowest dam on the Burnieshed about a year ago.

And here it is now. The beavers have added some branches as buttresses.

Upstream from the south side of the ditch where the beavers are extending the pond and swamp.

A close up of one of the cut birch trees. The skilled naturalist can tell if the trees have been gnawed by adult or young beavers from the size of the tooth marks. This can be deceptive because the width of the mark depends on the angle at which the beaver has bitten.

And a heap of chips at the foot of one of the trees.

Our ancestors in the mesolithic and since found these chips very useful as kindling with which to light fires.

It seems, too, that wood chips have their own characteristic fungi.

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