Sunday, 3 May 2009

A Dead Toad, Buzzard and Feeding Stations

As I walked past the middle dam along the Burnieshed Path, a buzzard lifted off. 'What have you left behind?' I wondered and wandered down to have a look. My mind had just turned to other things when I looked down and there, at my feet, lay this toad. The buzzard had stripped the left hind leg and was, no doubt, about to eat it when I had disturbed it. Clever of the buzzard to strip the unpleasant tasting skin of the toad.

According to a Norwegian paper about the diet of common buzzards in Southern Norway that I found through Google, buzzards do eat toads and frogs from time to time.

The photograph of the patch of grass to the left shows a beaver meadow by the burn. You can make out the cropped grass and the areas that the beavers have left untouched so far.

This photograph is of the same feeding station where the trail camera caught that short clip of a yearling beaver feeding and grooming itself.

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