Tuesday, 7 August 2012

A Flexpipe Water Leveller at Bamff

At last a pipe and cage water leveller has been installed at Bamff. Delay seemed interminable owing to the need to fix the gaps in one of the boars' enclosures that resulted from the recent clear fell of some timber. Bad weather played its part too. However, the fencing has been achieved and today Messrs L.Smith and Mark Blair installed a pipe and cage.

Here are some photos I took this morning. Unfortunately, I have no recent fully 'before' picture to start the series, but you should see from the muddy bank where the water level used to be. These first photos, however, give and idea of the immediate landscape before the pipe and cage take effect.

You can see here that the dam has been breached to allow the laying of the pipe.

In this photo, Mark Blair (on the left) and Lewis Smith ('Lush' to one and all) are working on the laying and fixing of the pipe. 

You can see the cage in the distance. The idea is that the beavers will want to find the leak in the dam and not suspect that the water may be going through a pipe set some metres upstream inside a cage. 

This gateway just south of the dammed ditch has been waterlogged for some time now. Two years of very wet summers and a wet winter have made for  a deeply muddy gate way.

This is the manual that guided Lush and Mark. It comes from Snohomish County, Washington, USA and is posted on the Martinez Beavers brilliant web site:

Beaver paw marks.

A stone is placed over the pipe where it passes through the dam.

With the pipe installed the dam can be repaired and the whole system left for the beavers to consider.

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