Sunday, 11 April 2010

Toads and Beavers

Yesterday, the tenth of April, I encountered several toads and pairs of toads crossing the drive that leads to my house. Some had been crushed, but those that I found alive I carried to places of safety and hoped they would make it to the ponds. This is one of the pairs that I took to a pond and wish them all the best.

In the evening I spent some time at our Big Pond. The place was alive with the chorus of toads singing. The waters seemed to boil with their activity.

In due course a beaver appeared and swam around to check out the evening.

This is another shot of the same beaver. The photo was taken with my Nikon D40, using a 50mm lens, attached to a telescope.

Later I watched the two dark beavers feeding. One spent a little time grooming itself, but by that time the fading light made it not worthwhile trying to get a digiphoto of the creature.

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