Monday, 5 April 2010

Beavers at the Big Pond

Yesterday evening Adam and I set off with telescope and tripod to see if we could digiscope a beaver successfully.

Here are a couple of results, taken after I had removed the camera from the Universal Camera Adaptor. I found the UCA rather frustrating because the camera kept turning itself off almost as soon as I had got it focussed on the scene ahead. In this way it was impossible to see what I was looking at - hopeless!

Without the steadiness of the UCA, however, I could not hold the camera steady enough and so you see the soft focussed results.

Practice is the answer.

Adam had been looking through the telescope and had spotted a dabchick. He beckoned to me to take a look and I realised that there was something dark in the top left of the glass. I moved the telescope slightly and saw these two dark beavers. They were nose to nose inspecting each other. After some moments one walked off round behind the rushes, leaving the other to groom itself

Here it is. Shortly after this a paler beaver swam across our field of vision. These were probably the same animals that I saw last week.

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