Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Beavers in the Big Pond

This was a cold, bright evening. Louise set off for her creative writing course and I gathered myself together and headed for the Big Pond.

Arriving at the stockade that was erected last year to handle wild boar, I found a number of the animals keen to meet me in the hope of being fed. However, I had other things on my mind and they ran away into the wood.

I set up my folding chair, extended the legs of the tripod, slotted the telescope into the mounting, sat down and began to look around. It wasn't very long before I noticed this animal grazing on one of the sedge rafts.

And here she is again. I was using my Canon Ixus 750 again without the Universal Camera Adaptor - quite a feat to my mind and too often not very successful. The difficulty of fixing up the UCA is that it is very hard to look through the telescope with it in place.

This is another beaver that I watched swim across the pond, land and start to graze.

I may have taken this photograph before the previous shot. All these photos have been cropped.


  1. although it looks cold, are the beavers starting to pair up for spring?

  2. Hi Antonia,

    It was great to see you and David at the weekend.

    Beavers mate in January/February and give birth in May. Their gestation is about 105 days. So the answer to your question is that, despite the cold, they should be giving birth any time now.