Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A Wet August

Yellow loosestrife growing at the edge of a beaver pond. What are the scales growing on the stem?

The rainy weather has kept the beavers busy, building up the parapets of their dams.

This heap of vegetation is downstream of one of the dams. I wondered if it was a scent mound, but was disinclined to kneel down and sniff at it.

I was surprised to see that beavers have been gnawing at the bark on this fallen tree. If it had been the winter I would have expected it, but not in the lush month of August.

Here we are looking upstream. The main stream is to the right of this picture, but this new channel has replaced the former main stream for volume of water flow and the old ditch is now a backwater. You may make out the dam in the middle distance.

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