Monday, 10 August 2009

A Beaver Kit at Bamff

We returned from Argyll and I found among my emails one in which the rarity of photographs of beavers in this blog was remarked on. After dining, therefore, we set off. Louise walked on down the drive and I walked through the wood to the Big Pond and waited with my camcorder. The wind was in the north, but very light. At last, this kit appeared, out of nowhere.

Here is the link to You Tube for the short clip of video that I was able to take.

I walked back along the drive and took the path that runs above the burn. An adult beaver was grazing on the lawn that they have made by the water's edge, so I tried to film it, but the light was very poor and by the time that I had moved to a better place along the path the animal had gone.

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