Monday, 13 April 2009

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, the temperature rose to 12ºC and I guess it must have been much the same today: enough to give a real push to the plants in our big pond. The sedges and yellow irises are growing vigorously now. Bumble bees were busy round the flowering current bush, but I didn't take care to look at them closely and wonder about the species to which they belonged.

I checked one of the trail cameras while on my way to feeding the wildboar this morning and found that there were no videos of beavers, but this one of a male grey wagtail catching some insect. The day before yesterday the camera had filmed a couple of magpies courting. I felt rather put out at getting no videos of beavers at night, particularly as the camera claimed to be full, but the wagtail hunting was a delight.


  1. Isn't it great that Spring is springing. It's lovely down here on the banks of the Tweed too with the cherry and elm unfurling their leaves. I look forward very much to keeping up to date with the beavers. Best wishes, Donald.

  2. Thank you, Donald.

    I am enjoying setting up this blog, but am having some teething troubles with addresses to add to the list of readers.