Tuesday, 7 April 2020

More walks

A chance overheard conversation on a bus the last time Louise and I visited Edinburgh led to a brief and informative exchange about those apps that tell you how many steps you have walked. Now I am smitten with an obsessive need to walk 10,000 steps a day. Well, that is all to the good.

What is this photo of? The faeces of a mustelid, yes, but is it pine marten or stoat, or even polecat?

Walking through the Beaver Swamp I came across these foot marks of an otter. 

As March has turned to April I have become aware that the land is drying up. Muddy morasses are turning dry and baked. This is the season for forest fires and moor burn.

It is also the time when beavers, recognising that water levels are dropping are repairing breeches to dams that have been left unprepared through the winter. You can make out the dark patches where  fresh mud has been used to fill a gap.

My first primrose this spring, seen near the burn in the Burnieshead den. I expect that they are springing up along the drive as well.

A surprise greeted me when I went to get some feed for the hens this morning - four mice awaited me in the bottom of the bin. I photographed them and watched them running into the wood stack.

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