Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Young Mallards and a Pair of Beavers

One day I shall get my HCO Scoutguard trail camera to work at night, but in the meantime I pushed out the boat and bought a Bushnell Trophy camera. The first time I put it out I ignored the instructions with the result that I found a huge number of clips of ten second video, showing water flowing over a dam and waving grasses in the foreground.

For my next effort, I shifted the camera, paid more attention to the instructions, and caught this group of young mallard. They are benefitting from renewed work by the beavers, extending the watery landscape they like.

And then, at night, the camera worked, despite the heavy rains of the week. I should say that the next two clips were taken on the night of the 12th August.

You can hear the rain.

I did manage to centre the clip after all and exchanged the wrong one for the right one.

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