Saturday, 30 April 2011


We stopped for a walk along a short length of the Perthshire River Garry earlier this week, wondering if we should see signs of beavers. Instead, we found this Solomon's seal. I suppose it is an escape from a garden. It doesn't look like the rare Whorled Solomon's seal. 

The Garry is part of a project to restore water levels to a point where the river can once again support salmon. I wonder how it is progressing. 

Further on we noticed a couple of morels. I was excited to see the fungus, a first sighting for me, and resisted the temptation to pick it. 

We have been watching beavers a good deal lately and I wondered how the bogbean was faring this spring. Here is a photograph of one of the plants in flower. 

I had hoped to put up a link to You Tube of some clips of beavers feeding and swimming about, but I cannot remember how to transfer bits of film from my Sony camcorder to my Macintosh laptop.

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