Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Guideline - the word has been on my mind for some time. I consulted Wikipedia and found this useful sentence 'By definition, following a guideline is never mandatory (protocol would be a better term for a mandatory procedure).

So what is it with SNH that they should complain that the free beavers of the river Tay in Scotland have not followed the IUCN guidelines? They are, after all, only guidelines, not protocols. 

Now, here is a sight that mystified me. I think that an otter has played around. By the time that I saw this the temperature was rising and the ice was turning to slush.

In the meantime we learn that a 'volunteer' has been appointed to trap the beavers in the Tay. It seems that a particular lodge has been marked for the trapper's attention and SNH's spies have ascertained that it is occupied by one adult and two yearlings. The lodge is said to be near Blairgowrie which, I suppose, means that the lodge is on the river Ericht, a tributary of the Isla, itself a tributary of the Tay.

Here is that same pool a couple of days later.

Here is an email from my excellent friend, Jean-Pierre Choisy, ecologist for the Parc Regional of the Vercors.

Now (XXI° century) in France, in Germany, even in a country with a tremendous human density as the Netherlands are, the Eurasian Beaver is not only accepted but welcome too, for itself and as biodiversity restorer, in spite in some place of problems easy to solve, absolute not to compare with Red Deer or Wild Boar.

Now, Beaver settle again remote places in the Alps, with a human density of some per square kilometer and, as well, the center of towns as Valence, Grenoble, Lyons.

Do I actually understand ?
Scotland would not be able to accept Biodiversity's restoration nor of the Beaver neither by the Beaver ?
I hope not ! I hope I mis understood because of mypoor english
Since tens of years, for me the UK is (was?) the first for commitment for Biodiversity's conservation and restoration in Europe.
But if understood right, I should habe to endure a major and very desillusing change of my perception of the country...

Please, more information and...better I though.

Best regards !

Jean-Pierre Choisy

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