Sunday, 29 August 2010

Exit to the Field

After watching the Big Pond for beavers and seeing only one, I noticed some ripples in the water below me. A moment later I realised that I was looking at the big male. He lay quietly in the water for a moment and then, by the time I had found him in my camcorder's viewfinder, he was devouring sedge.

I wrote those words some time ago and since then days have elapsed as I have tried to load the video that I had recorded of the beaver grazing on the sedge and marestail. Unfortunately, the video never completed its transfer into this blog and I remain frustrated.

This is now the 29th August. The wind is in the North-West and blowing briskly. Willowherb seeds are flying past the window of my office as I write. The weather has turned colder, though the sun is bright, and frosty nights will soon be with us.

The beavers are active cutting birch again and stripped twigs and bits of branch are evident in the water.

Last week Andrew Mitchell had the endriggs of some of the barley fields cut and baled as a fodder crop for the stock in the coming winter. By the burnside I noticed that the mower had avoided this:

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