Thursday, 19 August 2010

Beaver at Invergowrie

Duncan Halley wrote from Norway to say that a beaver had been reported near Invergowrie in the 'Daily Mail, but that he could not find it.

In a later email, he gave links to articles that had appeared in the Dundee 'Evening Telegraph' ( and 'The Courier' ( and soon afterwards I found the Daily Mail article at this link:

In the meantime the beavers at Bamff have not been inactive. Here is a photograph of a new dam on the Burnieshed burn:

In the near ground you can see how the beavers have used stones in the construction of the main part of the dam. A little further out a branch has been laid as a buttress to support the dam against the pressure of the water.

The Yellow Loosestrife has flourished this year and has spread into the silty edge of the pool just to the East of the drive.

A hover fly is right in the middle of this picture, unnoticed until I downloaded it onto iPhoto.

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