Friday, 13 August 2010

Congratulations to the Knapdale beavers!

BBC's Radio 4 News programme announced the arrival of two new kits, born to the Knapdale beavers, with a flourish. 'First beavers born in the wild in Scotland…' etc. or words to that effect.

Well, congratulations to the beavers of Knapdale! Unfortunately, as my readers will know, the claim that they are the first to breed in Scotland for all these years is fallacious. I think that this spurious claim detracts from the relief we must all feel that the trial is flourishing, despite some anxieties.

Here, by way of a reminder, is a video clip of the beaver kit I filmed last July (2009) in a tributary of the River Tay. Aficionados of the beaver will know that, apart from the difference of size, beaver kits sit much higher in the water than adults.

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