Thursday, 28 March 2013

Wild Boars and Snowscapes of Beaverdom.

Here, just for a change, is a photo of some wild boar.

Back to the Wet Wood at Bamff and the beavers who live there.
This is a dammed area at the west end, where the beavers have dammed water coming from one of the ponds that was dug in the autumn of 2001. A canal leads from the pond in question through to the big expanse of water that the beavers have created with their Long Dam (about 100 metres).

I took this photo with the panoramic facility of my iPhone. It shows the Long Dam I mentioned above and the pond thereby created.

This photo shows the small pond in the middle distance. A ditch dug in the early nineties, or even earlier leads the eye to a trap, not yet set, that is going to catch a beaver for blood sampling as part of the Tayside Beaver Study Group's work of monitoring the beavers of the Tay.

Easter is early this year, but I don't remember a white Easter here, although we do get snow until May sometimes. My first lambing here, in 1981, was made more interesting by heavy snow falls. Luckily, the snow soon melted.

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