Saturday, 17 November 2012

Afore ye go...

IN the now far away days when 'just a wee deoch an doruis afore ye gang awa' was the order of the day, 'afore ye go' was the byword of 'Bell's Scotch Whisky'.

It being half way through November and the year passing away with speed, I guess it is time to catch up on the year.

This is the dam by the drive that the timber contractors breached in the Spring. The beavers have restored it completely.

Here is the work in progress.

And some more..

Autumn Watch was a triumph for the beaver in Scotland. It was great that the dams and beavers of Bamff and the Tay were covered. I enjoyed the bit with Roo Campbell and one of the Beeb's presenters canoeing along somewhere on the, well was it the Isla or the Earn?

The photography of the inside of a lodge at Aigas with a sleeping beaver and various spiders, water shrews et al. coming and going was wonderful.

For some reason that Blogger never helped with my computer has been giving an error message about using blogger this last nearly a month but, after a go with Cleanmymac, the error message had gone and all seems well.

Perhaps the posting on my blog will recover its earlier frequency?

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