Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Dusk around the Big Pond at Bamff

This afternoon I took a walk around the Big Pond enclosure here at Bamff. You can see the foot marks of beavers and the gnawed trunk of a fallen tree. It is as though a beaver had passed by and taken time off for a few bites at the bark.

 I had not been to look at this lodge for a while, but it seems to have grown a good deal since the autumn when I was last around here.

While waiting and photographing the lodge, I noticed gentle ripples in the open water in the photograph above. A moment later I caught a glimpse of a juvenile beaver, swimming away round the corner.

The importance of beavers in keeping waterways open for other animals can hardly be exaggerated.

Please ring the Zoo in Edinburgh (0131 - 334 9171 )and ask about Eric (or is she Erica?)

PS I forgot to wish you all a Happy New Year, please accept my belated greetings.

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