Monday, 25 January 2010

More about Dams and Something about Trail Cameras

I took this photograph of the Lowest Dam on the Burnieshed Burn in December 2008.

This photograph, although taken from a different angle shows the dam as it is now. I took the photograph ten days ago on the 21st of January.

An interesting aspect of the changes that are taking place on this burn is the increased sighting of dippers (Cinclus cinclus).

Here is that dam again.

What have we here? A squirrel, I think.

I have been setting my trail cameras this winter, but haven't had much success with them. It may be that the beavers are more suspicious of that pink light as the infra red is triggered. Besides the one or two successes that I have had seem not to have made it onto YouTube. Do we lack ban width?

It is high time that I published this post, so here we go.

Perhaps my cameras will show some good results when I inspect them next.

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