Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Walk to the Wet Wood

This is the dam that I photographed last on the 14th October: not a lot of change.

The mild weather has kept the green in the aquatic vegetation in this ditch.

The near ground in this picture was cleared by the beavers in the summer of 2002 and, owing to browsing by roe deer, has remained open. Some scattered willows survive.

In the distance is some grey alder and grey willow. The brown vegetation in the middle ground is dock (Rumex sp.)

Within the woodland the beavers have continued to thin and extract timber.

Looking back from inside one of the copses down a path made by the beavers for the extraction of timber.

The photograph shows that beaver path a little further down, at the point where it enters a canal that the beavers dug some years ago, but which has been dredged.

This copse of willow has been given a good thinning by the beavers. It will be interesting to see how it develops.

Here is the original lodge that Roy Dennis and Alan and Heather Bantick built in December 2001.

The lodge has been occupied on and off ever since. As you can see the beavers have just done some maintenance work on the roof, so the lodge is now ready for winter.

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