Monday, 16 November 2015

Autumn 2015

Last summer we went to Brittany. At some point in our stay I remembered that beavers had been returned to Brittany in the 1960s. We drove towards the catchment of the Elez and found this sign near a lake. Freshwater pearl mussels and beavers! I had always thought the two species must coincide, not least because Peter Goodwin told me that he had seen banks of freshwater pearl mussels near beaver dams while on visits to the USA.

Now we return to November in Perthshire.

This is the famous top dam downstream of the drive at Bamff after the recent heavy rains.

Ambitious? Not really - it's just a willow.

This is part of a new complex of dams in the burn below the old and ruined gamekeeper's cottage at the Burnishead.

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