Saturday, 29 March 2014

Winter 2014

This photograph is taken from the B954 at the junction with the road that goes to Leitfie, looking South. The flood was not at its most extreme because the road was passable, having been under water a few days before.

Winter has more or less passed: April is next week. Here are some photographs to show that I have been up and about a bit.

The beavers in the Wet Wood have been active throughout this mild winter. This photograph shows some scraping of dead vegetation off the ground to an extent that I haven't noticed before. What a seed bed for willows! And, no doubt all sorts of other plant life.

February brings with it the annual visit of the Edinburgh University First Year Ecology class. They have been carrying out a monitoring project for the last three years and come equipped with nets, tapes and sampling equipment.

Sunny March: A view of the Long Dam.

A wander up into the plantation to the south of the Wet Wood revealed that some drains were being cleared by the beavers after many years of neglect.

          • Next we come to the joy of Spring - a profusion of frog spawn.

That is all for now, I think. I have lost my touch with Blogger, so some photos have come out huge and others small. One of two seem to have disappeared altogether. Well, not altogether, I seem to have fixed something.

Ciao for now!

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