Thursday, 2 February 2012

World Wetlands Day

It seems suitable to publish a few photos of the wetlands the beavers have made here. Not that you haven't seen a lot already. These photos were taken by my daughter, Sophie, who took my camera for a walk in the Wet Wood.

Here is a photo of the longest dam built by beavers in the British Isles

Sophie's eye view of the canal from the little pond to the new pool

Another shot of the longest dam in the United Kingdom. How long before beavers build a longer one somewhere else? The length they have to beat stands at 110 metres as of today. What will the beavers do when it comes to Spring time and the work season begins again?

I took this photograph early in January. In fact, another photo of that willow, taken at the same time, figured in this blog on about the 6th January. To my amazement the tree is still standing despite some blustery days and nights.

Here are two photographs, taken of that tree today. Still standing, but for how long?

And again.

Notice the frigid looking rhododendrons near the willow. The Dundee Conservation Volunteers have been doing great work along the path through which runs the Cateran Trail. Our Dutch friend, Chris Schipper, brought some friends over last summer to bash rhododendrons and we are set to do a whole lot more of this work with the help of exuberant volunteers. This weekend the New Caledonian Woodland Volunteers are coming to work in our woods. What will they do: bash rhodies, respace birch?

Perhaps some of the wood can be converted into charcoal?

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