Monday, 20 September 2010

Memory Lane

Yesterday's post and the photograph of the sunken straining post made me think that I should look out the photographs that I took in 2001 and 2002.

So, here are a few.

John Lister-Kaye came to Bamff in September 2001 to dig a couple of ponds in the Wet Wood. Here he is, most of the digger out of sight. I thought I should have to call for a recovery vehicle, but he dug himself out.

This photo was taken a little earlier and John Lister-Kaye was driving this elderly Caterpillar.

In December 2001 Roy Dennis, accompanied by Allan and Heather Bantick came to build the artificial lodge that was to be our beavers' first home. Here is Roy building the bedroom of the beavers. This room was panelled with some old sarking from the roof of a farm building, but gave a very fine impression. In due course the beavers threw out the panelling.

Roy thought that the beavers would like a prefabricated wooden tunnel to gain access to their new home. However, the ungrateful beasts thought otherwise and made a new tunnel to bypass Roy's creation.

Here is the completed lodge. The bag hanging on a tree in the background contained some apples.

This is the view of the pond that John Lister-Kaye dug and the lodge that Roy Dennis built with the help of the Banticks.

And here is the pond from the west, the end of the lodge, taken in March 2002, I should think.

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